Kimberly and Polly
With One of Her Frescos

To AlohaTuscany, the Spirit of Aloha in Italy is an open-armed willingness to share our knowledge of the wonders of Italy.For the past five years, Kimberly has been dividing her time between her studios in Tuscany, Hawaii, & California. After completing her degree in International Business, Kimberly restarted her lifelong studies in the arts. She spent a semester abroad in Florence, motivating her to further her studies in the classical Renaissance Italian arts of Buon Fresco Painting and Scagliola. She first studied in Florence, focusing on Fresco Painting. Kimberly then completed two years of study at "Il Labortorio per Affresco di Vainella" in Figline di Prato, studying under the late master Leonetto Tintori and his instructors. Tintori is famous for his work on the restoration of the Sistine Chapel, as well as helping to rescue the Frescos in the Pisa Cemeteries. Kimberly was certified in Buon Fresco Painting,

Kimberly Painting a Fresco in Vainella

Restoration, and Interior Decoration using the traditional Italian tools and methods. In Rome she studied extensively with Walter Cipriani of Artelier, a recognized maestro, learning the art of Scagliola, which is the simulation of marble thought to be developed by the renaissance era Florentines. Kimberly will be the instructor for Aloha Tuscany's fresco workshop. She has explored all over Tuscany with the other workshop leader, Richard Tierney, and together they will share with you their favorite Villages, Restaurants, Museums, and Villas to visit throughout Tuscany and Umbria.

Richard Working with a Student
Richard Making Pizza in the Forno

Richard Tierney is currently on sabbatical from his logistics positions at
several start-up companies in Silicon Valley, indulging his love of the culture,
art and scenic beauty of Italy. He has lived in Italy part-time for the past three years and has extensive experience in organzing and hosting events. Over the last 2 years Richard has assisted Kimberly with her work, gainingknowledge in the art of Fresco and other mediums. While not an accomplishedpainter himself, he has experience in preparing the plasters used for Fresco painting and in coordinating the needs of artists and an art studio.

Richard has assisted Kimberly with her work for the past two years with her work and has a good deal of experience preparing the plasters used for Fresco painting. Richard will serve to facilitate your stay in Italy and making sure everything runs smoothly. He will also be your driver. He really knows his way around Florence and Tuscany!

Polly and Lola are our two Toy Fox Terriers. They are experienced travelers, having gone all over the world. Polly is eleven and Lola only one year old. They are often with us in Italy and you can expect to see one or both during the Workshop or Tour.

Polly in the Tuscan Countryside
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